Hot Water Bottle (striped cotton)



Wearable long hot water bottle with grey and white striped brushed cotton cover. I made one for myself to ease lower back pain and tension in my neck. It works brilliantly for me, so I thought I’d make some for you, too. The hot water bottle is 73cm long and 13cm wide. The cover is a simple fabric tube where the hot water bottle slides in easily. No ties getting tangled or ripping, no Velcro getting stuck to your jumpers. Only fill max. 2/3 of your hot water bottle with hot (NOT boiling) water, close thoroughly and tie loosely around your waist or hang around your neck over your shoulders as shown on photos.

PLEASE READ the enclosed user guide and safety information for hot water bottles. 

Approx 155cm x 14cm

Hot Water Bottle (striped cotton)

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