Sonja Bucherer ( SOBU )



I'm a north London based designer/maker. My speciality is mixing new and recycled materials, combining different patterns and textures to create highly individual pieces. For the past 13 years I have worked as a textile designer (appliqué and embroidery) for two international exhibiting studios. My designs have sold to high street brands as well as exclusive fashion and interior companies in New York, Australia, Japan, Italy, Paris, Frankfurt and London.
I've always loved making things and enjoy the whole creative process: To come up with an idea - then cut, sew, knot, stamp, iron, thread, glue, label - whatever brings the idea to life. I'm an avid collector of fabrics, buttons, ribbons and other curiosities. Beautiful stones, driftwood, books, films, food...all sorts of bizarre discoveries are my inspiration. As well as creating designs commercially and for my own SOBU collection, I have dedicated time over the past ten years to sharing and passing on my passion for the craft by running stitch clubs and craft projects at various north London primary schools. I hope you enjoy my work. 

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