TWO Face Masks (stripes)



Two striped cotton face masks

I’ve been making a lot of these mask  recently and have given them away to volunteers, friends and family. It feels odd to charge but I realised that it also felt odd, for some, to receive them for free. So here is what I came up with: you can buy 2 masks for £15 and I will donate £5 to our local food bank.

The masks are one size. You might want to adjust the length of the elastic with a knot or a few stitches.

Packaging is compostable! 

These are provisional face masks and protection is limited.

Always have the same side facing outwards.

Put on and take off your mask by only touching the straps.

Machine wash after every use at 60 Celsius.

Keep washing your hands thoroughly as recommended.

BEST: Stay at home! Stay well!

(Step by step tutorial "How to make your own face mask" on Instagram @sobuhandmade )

TWO Face Masks (stripes)

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